Elektrinė picos keptuvė G3FERRARI G10006

119,00 €

Picos keptuvė Delizia leidžia kepti puikias picas dėka pasiekiamos  labai aukštos temperatūros. Ji taip pat puikiai tinka kepti pyragus, pyragiačius ir kitus kepinius.




Galimas pasirinkimas

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With pizza oven Delizia you'll finally be able to cook the real Pizza Napoletana to your kitchen in just 5 minutes, season it with ingredients that you prefer, having fun to experience every day new tasty recipes. The fragrance and the inimitable taste of the pizza in the oven are enhanced inside Delizia oven. The key to achieving good pizza is a very high cooking temperature (400° C) for a few minutes: in this way you can cook the dough without drying the dressing. The household oven typically do not reach these temperatures, but Delizia refractory stone really makes a difference reaching up to 400°C, guaranteeing the same result of the furnaces of the best pizzeria in Naples. Without cooking smoke or unpleasant smells, the pizza oven Delizia can also be used to bake cakes, pies, wraps, cakes and chestnuts.

Technical features

Timer: 5 minutes with signal

Adjustable thermostat: up to 400°C

Refractory cooking stone (ø 31 cm)

Two stainless steel heating elements    

Red light for operation

Conform to EU regulation EN 60335-2-9:A13/2010

Accessories: pizza wooden trays

Power supply: AC 230V ~ 50 Hz  

Power: 1200W       

Dimension: (L x H x D): 33.5 x 20 x 35 cm

Weight: 5.4 Kg

Master: 2 Pcs

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